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IAA certificate 2015

Amberozia is a recommended company of the International Amber Association (IAA):  Certificate No.131.


Founded in 1996 and based in Gdansk, Poland, IAA associates are manufacturers and merchants from the amber industry, artists who create amber artworks, collectors of historical amber artefacts and researchers from scientific fields engaged in amber-related projects. Currently IAA has over 200 members from 24 countries including Alicia Kelly and Nancy Chui, founders and directors of Amberozia.


IAA grants certificates to recommend companies that commit themselves to meeting criteria required by the association, amongst them respect good trade principles and practices of the amber industry.  The IAA certificate gives its bearer the right to use the Association’s logo. The logo testifies to the correctness of the processing method, the good quality of the entire product, as well as to the company’s reliability. It is a guarantee of authenticity of the raw material used: exclusively Baltic amber, and therefore a protection against forgeries and substitutes.


In 2012, IAA appointed Amberozia and its director Nancy Chui to be the IAA China contact point and IAA China Ambassador .


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