Love amber with Janko Lam

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Necklace by Amberozia

Miss Janko Lam is the collaborating fashion designer of Amberozia’s Baltic Amber Festival 2012 & 2013.

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Necklace by Slawomir Fijalkowski

Janko Lam’s profile

2011 Winner of the “EcoChic Design Award 衣酷適再生時尚設計” held by RedressInterned with top sustainable designer Orsala de Castro in London
2012 Collaborated with Esprit and launched in Hong Kong a recycled textile capsule collection (再生時尚別注系列)
2013 Winner in Perspective Magazine “40 under 40” competition, held in recognition of the achievementsof 40 young HK designers
Featured in “Inspiration Sparks HK靈感傳港”, a government campaign that promotes creative talents from HK
2014 Launched her signature brand “Classics Anew 新裝如初”

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Necklace by Amberozia

Janko believes that “cultural clothing is a form of artistry; essentially, it makes the individual intrinsically richer in identity.”   Her brand “Classics Anew” blends traditional Chinese tailoring craftsmanship with modern fashion techniques, creating unique apparels that pay tribute to culture.

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Earrings by Amberozia

Janko thinks that “amber, formed naturally millions of years ago and given a new life through modern jewellery design & craftsmanship, echoes perfectly to her own design values and aspirations.”

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Clutch bag with amber by Mariusz Gliwinski

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