Love amber with Chris Lee

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Ring by Jacek Ostrowski, Street Line Collection

I like to challenge myself and enjoy trying new things.  I want to bring exciting, fresh and innovative fashion sense to people around me.

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Bangle and Ring by Mariusz Gliwinski, Jazz (Hard Rock) Collection

My fashion style is mix and match, pieces to pieces in detail with funny elements.  Sometimes funky, sometimes “crossing the line” — I believe in trying different styles to experiment every colour in every wearing.  Basically I focus on using colour to highlight every match & to accentuate the uniqueness of every piece.   In short,  I have an “out of the box” fashion style as I like living my life with surprise elements.

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Tie clip by Mariusz Gliwinski, Technonature Collection

Earrings, Ring, Bracelet by Amberozia

Since I was a kid I have been fascinated by art and then I discovered my natural instinct in fashion sense.   Being a VM specialist is an amazing experience on how I can bring products to life.  Every window display is a unique story of its own:  I like to be that person who creates & tells the story of the products and the brand they represent.

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Bangle and Ring by Mariusz Gliwinski, Jazz (Hard Rock) Collection

What I love most about amber jewellery is that there are characteristics that somehow echo what I am doing:   The amber jewellery designers bring new lives to amber stones by modernizing them with trendy elements and adding sophistication. Looking at each piece of amber jewellery is like reading a unique story with plentiful rooms to expand one’s thinking.

If you are interested in our products, please visit our retail locations or contact Amberozia through email / tel (852) 2668 6196.

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