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This summer, Amberozia is delighted to have 3 students from Hong Kong Design Institute working as our 2015 interns.  Carol Mui, Kars Chan, and Yin-Lung Wong are studying Higher Diploma in Product Design (Jewellery).

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To the three students, amber is an unfamiliar gemstone.   As much as they are learning about amber through their involvement in our sales & marketing activities, Amberozia is also learning through them the perspectives of HK young people towards design & accessories.

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I have liked drawing since young and design courses appeal to me naturally.   I chose to specialize in jewellery design because I think it is different from other product designs.  I like how jewellery and accessories enhance one’s confidence and accentuate one’s most beautiful features.

After graduation I hope I can embark on a career in the jewellery industry.  Ideally the job is about design, but I am also open to get experiences in other business functions.

Before I had a silly perception of amber thinking it’s a “coloured plastic”!  But after I found out more about amber, I have grown to love amber.  I like amber being simple and natural, and that even without very complicated design amber jewellery still have its own uniqueness.

IMG_7860 (Custom)Bracelets and ring by Amberozia


I am an adventurer:  I always like trying out new things.   Even though in Hong Kong not too many boys study jewellery design, I gladly chose this course.   Perhaps I want to be different.  Or perhaps I just like beautiful things, and I think jewellery is really beautiful.

After I finished this course, I would like to advance my studies and get a degree:   I want to be more professionally equipped for the jewellery design industry.

Amber is a new chapter in my jewellery study experience.   I really like the items designed with amber:  they are so different from the common designs we normally see in Hong Kong that use diamond, crystal or jade.  Amber has given me a lot of inspiration for my own jewellery design creation.

IMG_7881 (Custom)Bracelet and necklace by Amberozia


Maybe it is a girly instinct, but I am always interested in jewellery and accessories.  I like to wear bracelets & necklaces:  They make me feel blissful.   After I heard about this course, I knew immediately knew it was the right choice for me.

I desire to become a jewellery designer, when I can convey positive and blissful feelings through my designs to the wearers.

I think amber is a fascinating gem.   While diamond seeks clarity, the contents in amber give the stone its signature pattern & amber with rare inclusions will have even higher value!    Amber is a unique, special gem with inner connotation.

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