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Necklace by Art 7, Jing’s Collection

Jing Wang is a close working partner of Amberozia who travels frequently between China & Europe.  After running her own amber shop in Shanghai for 2 years, the stylish young lady decided to become a gem specialist and is now studying a gemologist course with GIA New York.   This is Jing’s amber story:

DSCF6332 (Small)

Ring by NAC Amber, Jing’s Collection

I am fond of gemstones, especially amber.  The day since I have come to know about this fossilized pine tree resin, I fell in love with it.

I can hardly describe how much I adore this mythical time capsule from millions of years ago.  I think I was a piece of amber in my previous life!  Some people might laugh at this expression, but it describes perfectly how I personally connect to these beautiful organic stones.


Earrings by Amberwood, Jing’s Collection

Amber jewellery is essential accessory in my daily life, and I wear it for both formal and causal occasions.  I prefer clothes in dark color, like black, navy blue and grey which perfectly match with valuable amber pieces of different styles from my private collection. 

DSCF62951 (Small)Necklace and ring by Mariusz Gliwinski, Jing’s Collection

Aspiring to become a professional jeweler I appreciate the opportunities to have known and worked with many talented designers from the Baltic Sea region. Their amber jewellery is a combination of tradition, modern craftsmanship and extraordinary gems.  Like gifts from God.‍

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